The best natural hydrators that you always want to have in your home!

Castor Oil and Glycerine!

These two ingredients are the best, natural ways to hydrate and plump the skin!


I use castor oil or glycerine as a face mask just before I have a photo shoot or an event.


It doesn’t smell or feel that glamorous but it is the best and most natural way to get the skin looking well hydrated and glowwy!


I recommend always buying quality Castor Oil or Glycerine from a health food store.

Key ingredients for de-puffying the eyes!

If you have puffy eyes its usually either because; you haven’t slept enough, your adrenals are suffering (you're under too much stress), you ate or drank something that caused an inflammatory response, or you have too much salt in your diet. If you know what causes your puffy eyes in the morning, you can determine what eye remedy would work best for you.


For puffy eyes due to inflammation, salt and stress go for products that contain ingredients like Echinacea, Calendula, Chamomile & Elderflower.


My favourite eye remedy to use which has a mix of these herbs is the Dayles Ford Eye Remedy.


If your eyes are puffy because you haven't slept enough then go for eye creams that are caffeine or ginseng based, or even better, both! These two ingredients help to stimulate the circulation around the eyes, (waking the eyes up)! 


My two favourite are 

Origins ginseng eye cream and Ren's Instant Brightening eye lift cream.

How I make an affordable hydrator using natural ingredients!

Instead of paying a fortune for a hydrator, I buy the Sukin hydrating spray (which is made of plant ingredients) and costs the odd $7.00!


I add 2 drops of Glycerine and 2 drops of Organic Cold pressed Olive Oil to give me that dewy look! You can just add glycerine if your skin doesn't tolerate oil too well.


You can also add essential oils like Lavender and Frainkensence for extra anti-inflammatory properties.

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