Holistic Nutrition Consult



What to expect:

*In person or over the phone/skype meeting

*Overview of current diet and lifestyle

*Overview of diet and health history

*Discuss weakness's and strengths in relation to food choices and habits

*Discuss strategies to kick habits, make changes and reduce stress

*Discuss and set realistic goals

Holistic Nutrition Plan (4 weeks)


What to expect:

*Advise on beginning with an elimination diet 

*Advice on meal ideas and food prep

*Full list of my Holistic Recipes

*Full education on whole foods, food groups and the importance of eating organically 

*Accountability buddy 

*Advise on exercise regimes and movement 

*Advise on sleep tips and healthy sleep rituals 

*Advise on self-care rituals and ways to reduce stress

*Advise on breathwork techniques and the importance of breathwork

*Weekly meetings to keep you on track

*Advice on a long term holistic framework for you to work with

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