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The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to the Himalayan foothills of India and Pakistan and is also found in parts of the Amazon. This tree grows long pods of seeds which contain high levels of B vitamins and Vitamin C and potent antioxidants. Moringa's strong antioxidant profile has an extensive list of beneficial properties to the skin and hair which include:


  • Anti-inflammatory – The oil reduces inflammation both topically and internally
  • Anti-aging – The oil provides nutrition to your skin and relieves aging signs
  • Anti-microbial – It is traditionally used in Africa to purify water and is shown to reduce bacterial counts 
  • Disinfectant – Can be used to treat wounds
  • Emollient – Moringa oil is a great moisturiser for the skin and hair
  • Preservative – This oil resists rancidity and also used as a preservative in certain products.
  • Exfoliant – Drives away dead skin cells


Directions for use:

1) Apply directly to the skin of a morning or night or add a few drops to additonal skin care products.

2) Apply to the hair as a hair treatment or add a few drops to your existing hair care products.

Ritual Moringa Oil


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