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Coming back to you.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the last couple of months have been intense and uncomfortable energy for a lot of people..

With lots going on in the world, it’s important to come back to our centre, to recharge when we can, to allow ourselves to feel whatever is going on for us and to commit to the things that spark us up.

I remember there was one week in January where I was feeling so incredibly down.. like depressed down - for no apparent reason. It was clear that I was internalising some unexpressed emotions. I felt extremely heavy and exhausted in my body, I was crying at the drop of a hat - yep like a hormonal woman would, yet I had no mensuration excuse and I just had no motivation what’s so ever. I was processing an end of year anticlimax, a degree of anger and fear among all the devastation that’s happening in the world, a loneliness which I often feel around Christmas and a real separation from my true nature.

Thankfully, during this time, I got my hands on an amazing book called “Super Attractor” that really helped me to shift gears. Written by the amazing Gabby Bernstein, who is a thought leader and powerhouse woman, the book helped me to understand how important it is to shift our attention from what’s weighing us down, to what can weigh us up. Gabby says that in order to get back to your true nature, (your spirit), you have to link back up to the feel-good things, and the faster we can bring ourselves to do that, the less chance our melancholy states can stick.

Feel good things bring us into a higher frequency, they help us to remember who we are, and it's the very things that light us up, that bring us back to ourselves.

Since reading this book, whenever I’m feeling out of balance, or not quite myself, I think of ways that I can lift my vibration. Some of the first things that come to mind is:

Go and see a warm heartfelt movie

Book myself into a dance class or yoga class

Get out in nature

Put on an inspiring podcast

Journal it out (writing is my biggest expression and I almost immediately feel better after I write)

Go for a long swim in the ocean

Call or go and see my best friend for a good vent and for some support

If I’m feeling out of balance, I also try really hard to avoid all the things that can be triggering and un-helpful - such as:

Overcommitting to social obligations

Any media - online, televise etc

Very limited time on social media, or no time at all (I delete the apps)

Drinking alcohol

Eating unhealthy foods that do not make me feel good

It’s not always easy when we are stressed or feeling off to make self-help decisions, but if you can bring yourself to understand that a negative feeling is only balanced by a positive one, then we can see how vital it is to choose a positive, self-loving decisions for ourselves. I am also a true believer that when we lift our vibration we not only lift it for ourselves, we lift if for the entire planet.

I hope these tips help you to go easy on yourself and remember, that it is okay to feel overwhelmed, sad and confused at times in this crazy journey of life, but as Gabby says in her book, once you’ve given yourself permission to feel, you have the choice to choose again.

Wishing you a feel-good year, a supercharged you, and all the love and kindness you can be to yourself.

Sarah x


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