Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my website! 


I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Beauty therapist. I advise people on how to take better care of themselves with an overarching self-loving approach. I share hacks and tips on everything from diet, sleep, de-stressing, and lifestyle and environmental factors that could be causing you and your skin to be out of balance.


Aside from being a health and beauty expert, I’ve been a professional Model and Actor since I was young. My career has been both rewarding and challenging. I've been blessed with some amazing opportunities and experiences, and I’ve also endured the hard nature of judgment, rejection, and uncertainty. This, unfortunately, took its toll on me in my early twenties, giving me low self-esteem and a distorted idea of health, nutrition, and beauty.


I spent my entire early twenties going on crazy restrictive diets, over-exercising, binge eating & drinking, and I used almost anything on my body that I thought would make me feel better and look good. It was safe to say that I was completely unaware and uneducated when it came to looking after myself. This resulted in me burning out at age 25, unhappy, anxious and completely out of touch with myself. 


I knew I had to make some big lifestyle changes... I booked a long trip to Bali, taking some time out from modeling and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Without going into too much of my Eat, Pray love re-enactment, I truly found myself or should I say my calling.


The silence, space, and beauty I experienced on my solo journey was the first time I had truly given back to myself. I finally understood the importance of self-care and based on how good and balanced I was feeling, my fascination with living life with a holistic approach grew!


Naturally, I always had an interest in Nutrition and especially Beauty, however, pre 25, I had a superficial, non-nourishing approach. It became clear to me to go and study Health, first studying Naturopathy, then transitioning into Nutrition and now Holistic Beauty Therapy.


With years of learning and my personal experiences at the forefront, I hope to inspire women to lead healthier, happier lives, with a nourishing approach to health, beauty, and nutrition.


I believe strongly in self-care rituals, a wholefood diet, self-expression, using organic, toxic-free skincare and ultimately, treating your body like a home. Beauty starts from the inside... once we nourish ourselves on the inside, we glow on the outside!


I am excited to share in this journey with you, I hope you enjoy my page and please feel free to reach out if you want to chat!


Sarah x

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